Nature's Keeper of Palm City is a local, family owned and operated company with the staff, equipment and motivation required to provide the highest quality lawn maintenance and upkeep available. We are licensed and insured, and serve clients in the residential, commercial and governmental markets. Our staff has been with us for over 10 years. Nature’s Keeper is small enough to offer personal attention, yet big enough to take on the largest jobs.

Our monthly service includes:

 40 annual maintenance visits, based on seasonal variations. Generally speaking, we maintain our customers weekly until late December after the holidays, when we switch to biweekly service to protect the dormant grass. We begin weekly service again in early February or March depending on the growing cycle for the year. Grass is cut to a 3-4” height at each visit.

 Each maintenance visit includes mowing, trimming, edging, and removal of all debris. We also spray for weeds in all plant beds. We use top of the line equipment and mowers, and our blades are routinely sharpened to ensure a pristine cut. Our machinery is maintained by our own staff to ensure we never miss a service due to equipment failure.

 In over 15 years of business, Nature’s Keeper has never missed a service due to equipment failure or staffing.

We hope to add you to our Nature’s Keeper family! Call us today for a free estimate!